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Cookie Care

To prevent any cookies breaking on the car ride home, place box or bag on a flat and level surface and take caution when making turns.

Once your cookies have been picked up, their safety is in your hands. I am not liable for any broken or damaged cookies beyond hand off. 


Accidents happen which is out of my control thus no refunds will be issued for broken cookies due to mishandling or improper care. 

Cookies will stay fresh at room temperature for up to 3 weeks. Keep cookies in a cool place  away from any direct sunlight.


May freeze cookies for longer freshness.

Using an airtight container, stack your cookies flat (If unsealed, use parchment paper between layers). Place saran wrap over top of container prior to placing lid on.

Cookies are safe in freezer for  4 months.


To defrost, place container on counter unopened for 1-2 hours before opening your container.

Do not refrigerate

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