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I have been wanting to write a blog since forever ago and here I finally am. Who's 'I' you ask? I'm Griselda. A wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a lost soul perhaps? Honestly, sometimes I have no idea who I am. What I do know however is that feeling lost has led me here. Seeking a purpose outside my roles of mom and wife have led me on this crazy and beautiful journey of building SWEETLIKEG.

Before the cookie business

I have always been a creative person; art class was always my favorite up until high school where woodshop eventually became my new favorite (at least for the two years I was able to take it). Beyond high school, I have taken up many hobbies in search of a creative outlet: scrapbooking, quilling, sewing, quilting, crocheting...that list goes on. Eventually, in 2015, sugar cookie decorating fell right into my lap.

The first ever cookie decorator that I came across was Holly from The Doughmestic Housewife and I was hooked. I wanted to learn everything and anything I could about sugar cookies because the artist in me knew I had to make these beautifully decorated cookies myself. Almost like a challenge, "I bet I can make these pretty cookies too". I learned recipes from Marian at Sweetopia, and royal icing tips and tricks from Anita's Baking Sweet Hope YouTube (this was one of my favorite videos when I first started learning to decorate sugar cookies). I quickly fell in love with the art of decorating cookies and dreamed of turning it into a business... in the future.

In the future, that was always what I would say when anyone asked why I hadn't started selling my cookies yet. I thought that the older I became, the wiser I would be, so I should just wait. What I was really doing was making up excuses. I was scared. Scared of failing, scared of doing it wrong, scared of breaking the law, scared of not being good enough, all of it. So, I waited. I planned on waiting a long time too. In my head, I was waiting until I was in my sixties and ready to retire from a corporate job. Crazy how life never really ever turns out the way you think it will. In 2021 I was finally done being scared and Sweetlikeg came to life.

a dream was born

By March of 2021 I had quite a bit of experience under my belt. I had been decorating cookies off and on since 2015, practicing my craft and selling occasionally to friends and family. I went from making only a few dozen cookies a year, to several dozen per week within a few months of 'opening' my cottage bakery.

As you can tell from my Baylor cookies, I have come a long way since I first started decorating. Still, I continue to grow and learn with each set I make and am eager to be here starting this blog.

more than cookies?

While I want this blog to be a place I share my tips, tricks, and all things sugar cookies, I also want this to be a place I can share who I am. A place where you can relate, feel encouraged, and learn to grow not only as a cookie decorator, but as a business owner. I am here to help. So I'll leave you with this, my mission statement:

Sweet Like G is built around the idea of contributing creativity, experience, and heart to a community that I only wish to inspire, educate, and empower by providing unique, fun, and lovable products/resources.


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