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Using Canva for cookie printables

For this month's freebie file, I am sharing something a bit different, a Canva template!

This template gives you access to a PDF file for 2" Pride Tags, celebrating Pride month.

Now, If you know how to use Canva, you have an account, or want to skip to the template link, click here.

For everyone else, I will teach you how to use the free Canva templates and how you can utilize it to create other cookie printables within the platform

You could be wondering, why would she teach me how to make cookie printables for free when it’s something she sells... and to that I say, I only hope to give back more than I take from this community and I have been so fortunate to have the cookie community's support when I started selling my printable desings.

Canva Account

Signing up for a Canva account is easy and there are three plans to choose from, free, Pro, or teams.

The free version of the platform gives you access to many free elements, fonts, templates, effects, and features. With a free account, you also have the option of buying elements individually, usually for a small fee of $1-$2. This is nice of those times you want the cute clipart without paying a monthly subscription.

Canva Pro on the other hand is subscription based, monthly or yearly, and gives you access to all features and elements for $12.99/mo. or $119.99/yr. I personally pay for the monthly $12.99 subscription.

The third option, teams, is best suited for small businesses that have a team they want to share work with, and I have even seen some cookiers team up together to share a team account to save on overall monthly costs, but for this template tutorial a free account works just perfectly!

One you decide which account you would like and sign up; you will be able to use the template at the end of this post. To learn more about Canva and a beginners guide to using Canva visit this free guide provided my Canva themselves.

Opening and downloading the freebie

All the following images will show you how to download and make changes using the desktop version of this platform only, but template can also be accessed via the Canva mobile app as well.

When clicking on the template link at the end of this post, you will be directed to a Canva template created and shared by me, Sweetlikeg.

This template is 100% ready to download and print as is but there are a few settings we need to change when we download to get the best printing file. To download you will click the Share button on the top right-hand corner and click Download, which will open this submenu.

We need to make the following changes to download this file properly:

File Type: Make sure that PDF PRINT is selected.

Color Profile: Change from RGB to CMYK for printing.

Click download, and you will have the perfect PDF to print!


This cookie printable is formatted for cutting twenty 2" tags, and if you delete each individual tag, you can reuse the cut-line file to create your own personal downloads!

To make creating the individual tag easier, I started with a square element sized to 2". This square helps with element alignment and I then group the 'tag' together when I have finalized the tag design. Once grouped, manually drag the tag to the top left spot 'empty tag spot' of the template. To fill the whole template, click and hold alt while you drag your tag to the next spot over. Without clicking anything else, hit cntrl+D to repeatedly fill the rest of the row. When the row is filled, select the whole row of tags, and follow the same method of alt/drag & cntrl + D to fill the remaining rows.

Now if that sounds confusing, take a bit of extra time, and feel free to copy and paste individually to make things simpler.


To access this free June Pride month cookie tag/Canva template click here.

If you find this post helpful, kindly consider liking, commenting, & sharing as I hope to make an impact by providing value to the sugar cookie community.

Happy packaging!

❤ G


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